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HB 2340
Relating to emergency and disaster management, response, and recovery.
Mayes Middleton, Alex Dominguez, Erin Zwiener, Sheryl Cole, Michelle Beckley, Ana-Maria Ramos, Carl Sherman Sr., Rhetta Bowers, Julie Johnson, Trey Martinez Fischer, Leo Pacheco, Steve Allison, Alma A. Allen, Gina Calanni, Jon Rosenthal, John Bucy III, Ana Hernandez, Ben Leman, Ed Thompson, Eddie Lucio III, Celia Israel, Eddie Rodriguez, César Blanco, Bill Zedler, Craig Goldman, Briscoe Cain, Dennis Paul, Dwayne Bohac, Armando Walle, J. M. Lozano, Giovanni Capriglione, Ina Minjarez, Jim Murphy, Gene Wu, Jessica Farrar, Oscar Longoria, Sergio Muñoz Jr., Rafael Anchia, Philip Cortez, Mary Ann Perez, Terry Wilson, Todd Hunter, Tan Parker, Victoria Neave, Valoree Swanson, Geanie W. Morrison, Armando "Mando" Martinez, Nicole Collier, John Turner,
Education--Higher--Institutions & Programs (I0223), EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, DIVISION OF THE DEPT. OF PUBLIC SAFETY (V0318), Congress (I0085), STATE-FEDERAL RELATIONS, OFFICE OF (V0431), UNMANNED AIRCRAFT STUDY GROUP (V1236), State Agencies, Boards & Commissions (I0749), Disaster Preparedness & Relief (I0211)
Action dates
Action Date
Filed March 8, 2019, midnight
Read first time March 11, 2019, midnight
Referred to Homeland Security & Public Safety March 11, 2019, midnight
Considered in public hearing March 20, 2019, midnight
Committee substitute considered in committee March 20, 2019, midnight
Testimony taken/registration(s) recorded in committee March 20, 2019, midnight
Left pending in committee March 20, 2019, midnight
Considered in formal meeting April 2, 2019, midnight
Committee substitute considered in committee April 2, 2019, midnight
Reported favorably as substituted April 2, 2019, midnight
Comte report filed with Committee Coordinator April 4, 2019, midnight
Committee report distributed April 5, 2019, midnight
Committee report sent to Calendars April 5, 2019, midnight
Considered in Calendars April 8, 2019, midnight
Placed on Major State Calendar April 10, 2019, midnight
Read 2nd time April 10, 2019, midnight
Amended April 10, 2019, midnight
Passed to engrossment as amended April 10, 2019, midnight
Nonrecord vote recorded in Journal April 10, 2019, midnight
Read 3rd time April 11, 2019, midnight
Passed April 11, 2019, midnight
Record vote April 11, 2019, midnight
Reported engrossed April 11, 2019, midnight
Received from the House April 11, 2019, midnight
Read first time April 24, 2019, midnight
Referred to Water & Rural Affairs April 24, 2019, midnight

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