Texas Bills

Session: 86, Total: 7289

Bill Title Subjects
SB 982 Relating to awareness of and access to health care service programs available during a disaster or emergency. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, DIVISION OF THE DEPT. OF PUBLIC SAFETY (V0318), VOLUNTEERS (S1314), Health--General (I0385), Health--Other Diseases & Medical Conditions (I0383), Disaster Preparedness & Relief (I0211)
SB 983 Relating to the establishment of a work group to study local restrictions that impede disaster recovery efforts. Legislature (I0520), City Government--General (I0060), LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR (S0096), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE (S0306), County Government--General (I0096), State Agencies, Boards & Commissions (I0749), Disaster Preparedness & Relief (I0211)
SB 984 Relating to the suspension of certain local laws and property regulations by the governor during a declared state of disaster. Governor (I0375), Safety (I0740), State Agencies, Boards & Commissions (I0749), Property Interests--Property Owners Association (I0618), Disaster Preparedness & Relief (I0211)
SB 985 Relating to restrictions under disaster remediation contracts; creating a criminal offense. CONTRACTORS & SUBCONTRACTORS (S2563), Disaster Preparedness & Relief (I0211), Business & Commerce--General (I0050)
SB 986 Relating to contract management standards and information for contracts related to emergency management. CONTRACTORS & SUBCONTRACTORS (S2563), Disaster Preparedness & Relief (I0211), State Agencies, Boards & Commissions (I0749), COMPTROLLER OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTS (V2608)
SB 987 Relating to limitations on the location of solid waste facilities. Environment--Solid Waste (I0330), PERMITS (S0011), ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY, TEXAS COMMISSION ON (V0334), Special Districts & Authorities--Groundwater Conserve Dist. (I0013), Water--Development (I0875)
SB 988 Relating to the assessment of litigation costs and attorney's fees in certain actions under the public information law. ATTORNEY'S FEES (S0202), Civil Remedies & Liabilities (I0065), Open Records (I0548)
SB 989 Relating to a mandatory term of confinement for defendants placed on community supervision for the criminal offense of leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident resulting in the death of a person. Crimes--Against Persons--General (I0170), MANDATORY & COMMUNITY SUPERVISION (S2314), Criminal Procedure--Sentencing & Punishment (I0205), Criminal Procedure--General (I0208)
SB 99 Relating to the ability of certain relative caretakers of dependent children to receive supplemental financial assistance and be assigned as protective payees for financial assistance payments. Human Services--Direct Assistance (I0900), HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION (V0177), Human Services--Child Services (I0895)
SB 990 Relating to the consideration of floodplain maps in the permitting of certain solid waste facilities. Political Subdivisions (I0588), Environment--Solid Waste (I0330), PERMITS (S0011), FLOODS (S0327), ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY, TEXAS COMMISSION ON (V0334), Water--General (I0885), WATER DEVELOPMENT BOARD, TEXAS (V2481)