Texas Bills

Session: 86, Total: 7325

Bill Title Subjects
HB 1016 Relating to eligibility determinations for the STAR+PLUS home and community based services (HCBS) program. Human Services--Medical Assistance (I0905), MEDICAID (S4885), HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION (V0177), Aging (I0015)
HB 1017 Relating to requiring certain public school campuses to donate and distribute food to students. Education--Primary & Secondary--Charter Schools (I0245), Charitable & Nonprofit Organizations (I0055), Human Services--Food Programs (I0910), Education--Primary & Secondary--General (I0230), Education--School Districts (I0220), Minors--Health & Safety (I0533)
HB 1018 Relating to eliminating a fee for the issuance of specialty license plates for disabled veterans. Vehicles & Traffic--Vehicle Registration (I0845), LICENSE PLATES (S9823), Military & Veterans (I0535)
HB 1019 Relating to the authority of certain water districts to exercise the power of eminent domain. Property Interests--Eminent Domain (I0615), HIDALGO COUNTY IRRIGATION DISTRICT NO. 16 (D1383), HIDALGO COUNTY IRRIGATION DISTRICT NO. 5 (D1384), HIDALGO COUNTY IRRIGATION DISTRICT NO. 6 (D1382), HIDALGO COUNTY MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT NO. 1 (D1386), Special Districts & Authorities--Water & Utility (I0755)
HB 102 Relating to a school district assigning a mentor teacher to a new classroom teacher. Education--Primary & Secondary--Teachers (I0242), Education--School Districts (I0220), EDUCATION, COMMISSIONER OF (V9954)
HB 1020 Relating to requiring certain law enforcement agencies to implement a policy regarding cite and release for certain criminal offenses. JAIL STANDARDS, COMMISSION ON (V9946), Criminal Procedure--General (I0208), Criminal Procedure--Sentencing & Punishment (I0205), COURT ADMINISTRATION, OFFICE OF (V8690), BILL BLACKWOOD LAW ENFORCEMENT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE OF TX (V0332), Law Enforcement (I0510)
HB 1021 Relating to a prohibition on the imposition of court costs and filing or other fees on certain indigent defendants and plaintiffs. INDIGENT LEGAL SERVICES (S0598), Courts--General (I0160), Fees & Other Nontax Revenue--Local (I0361)
HB 1022 Relating to the reporting of and access to information about defendants restricted to the operation of a motor vehicle with an ignition interlock device. Electronic Information Systems (I0311), PUBLIC SAFETY, DEPARTMENT OF (V0251), IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE (S0147), Courts--General (I0160), Vehicles & Traffic--DWI & DUID (I0863)
HB 1023 Relating to the statute of limitations for aggravated assault committed against a public servant. STATUTES OF LIMITATIONS (S0065), Crimes--Against Persons--General (I0170), Law Enforcement (I0510), Criminal Procedure--General (I0208)
HB 1024 Relating to real property executed in trust for the issuance of a license as a bail bond surety. BAIL BONDSMEN (S6034), Occupational Regulation--Other Trades & Professions (I0541), Property Interests--Real Property (I0595)