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HB 1536
Relating to trauma-informed care for children in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services, trauma-informed care training for certain department employees, and the establishment of the Trauma-Informed Care Task Force.
Steve Toth, Leo Pacheco, Steve Allison, John Bucy III, Charles "Doc" Anderson, Bill Zedler, James White, John Zerwas, Ina Minjarez, Gene Wu, Jarvis Johnson, Hubert Vo, Rick Miller, Ron Reynolds, Ryan Guillen, Phil Stephenson, Sarah Davis, Mary Ann Perez, Tan Parker, Richard Peña Raymond,
TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE TASK FORCE (V1183), STAFF DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING (S0317), Minors--Health & Safety (I0533), CONSERVATORSHIP (S0683), Family--Child Protection (I0351), Governor (I0375), FOSTER CARE (S0064), FAMILY & PROTECTIVE SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF (V0461), State Agencies, Boards & Commissions (I0749)
Action dates
Action Date
Filed Feb. 8, 2019, midnight
Read first time March 4, 2019, midnight
Referred to Human Services March 4, 2019, midnight
Considered in public hearing March 26, 2019, midnight
Testimony taken/registration(s) recorded in committee March 26, 2019, midnight
Left pending in committee March 26, 2019, midnight
Considered in formal meeting April 18, 2019, midnight
Committee substitute considered in committee April 18, 2019, midnight
Reported favorably as substituted April 18, 2019, midnight
Comte report filed with Committee Coordinator April 23, 2019, midnight
Committee report distributed April 24, 2019, midnight
Committee report sent to Calendars April 24, 2019, midnight
Considered in Calendars May 7, 2019, midnight
Placed on General State Calendar May 9, 2019, midnight

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